Amrit is a very sharp, intelligent boy. He is very fond of animals and likes to play table tennis. He also enjoys watching cartoons on TV when he gets the chance. He is very good in his studies and does very well in reading, especially English! He has an outgoing personality and is quite social. Amrit came to Butterfly Home with a congenital problem with his legs. Through physiotherapy he is now able to walk, sit and do other activities, but he is unable to run like other kids. His dream is to run also.

Name: Amrit Kadel
Born: October 13, 2000
Education: Grade 3
Nepal guide, trekking guide, guide nepal Shreeya is quiet yet motivates the rest of the children when she speaks. She is shy and hardly speaks aloud when she meets strangers. Shreeya is a very helpful and kind-hearted girl who wins hearts by her caring nature even at such a tender age. She enjoys her dolls and loves cartoon characters. She also likes to read. Her father deserted her mother and then the mother abandoned her as well. She was then brought to the orphanage.

Name: Shreeya Karki
Born: September 15, 2001
Education: Grade 1
Lalit is a shy boy. He has gained much from taking self-defense classes. He is very fond of games. He enjoys swimming and carrom board. He is also extremely good in art and he has become more outgoing. He loves school and does very well. His father was killed in an ambush during the civil war while driving a truck. His father's family blamed the mother and withdrew all support. She was unable to care for the boy by herself and gave him to the orphanage.

Name: Lalit Panta
Born: June 17, 1998
Education: Grade 3
Subash is a charming, outgoing little boy. His smiling face attracts almost everyone and he loves to eat, thus gaining him the nickname "The food machine!" He loves animals and his favorite is a cat. He enjoys playing in the water and loves his toy cars and motorbikes. He is a very good student. He comes from the Syangja district, a district most affected by the Maoist insurrection. His father abandoned his mother to marry another woman and his mother left him and went abroad. It was neighbors who turned him over to the orphanage.

Name: Subash Nepal
Born: July 28, 2004
Education: Grade 1