Niruta is a happy go lucky girl who enjoys her Barbies and likes to listen to music and watch cartoons at all times. She has a flair for the dramatic and is ever smiling, outspoken and can be found talking almost all the time. She enjoys painting and does well with sketching and coloring in her coloring book. Niruta’s father was mentally retarded and her mother was unable to feed her after she was wounded in an ambush during the Civil War.

Name: Niruta Banjara
Born: April 16, 2000
Education: Grade 1
Nepal guide, trekking guide, guide nepal Yagya is inquisitive and very bright. An excellent student he enjoys toy cars and wishes for a car collection someday. A bit timid in large crowds he is very outgoing and fun-loving when he gets to know you. He was abandoned at the hospital at birth. Taken care of by a woman named Rukmani Khanal, she was unable to keep the boy and turned him over to the orphanage.

Name: Yagya Khanal
Born: February 22, 2004
Education: Grade 3
Anita always has a smile on her face. Her father drowned before Anita was born and her mother, who worked for others, could not feed and clothe the girl so she was placed in the orphanage. She enjoys school and takes extra classes after school as well. She likes to read and listen to music. She is a wonderful natural dancer and enjoys her playtime swaying to music. She likes to talk and keeps the group together by her gracious caring nature.

Name: Anita Sherpa
Born: June 19, 2000
Education: Grade 1
Sushma is a quiet girl and can be found spending time by herself. She likes to read and watch cartoons. She smiles gently when asked about her hobbies but answers to each question with patience and politeness. When she was younger, her mother dropped her into a pot of boiling oil when she was cooking. An accident, but she was unable to care for her with the serious burns. She is a unobtrusive girl who loves to dance, even with her badly burned legs.

Name: Sushma
Born: September 17, 2000
Education: Grade 3