Nepal is the country where the great Lord Buddha was born. Magical and marvelous history embodied in the wonderful legends of this fabulous part of the world set against the stunning backdrop of the world’s highest mountain peaks where two great traditions Hinduism and Buddhism are celebrated side by side. Tragically, in Nepal, one, perhaps two generations, are being lost to child abuse, child labor and health problems. Those groups who do see the problem are usually International Non-governmental Organizations (INGO) or Nepalese Non-governmental Organizations (NGO), which tend to be shut down for lack of government funding or corrupt practices by the people who run the programs. Since these children are usually not acknowledged anymore there is no real reason to try and alter the situation. Nepal is struggling to modernize its infrastructure from government reform to fixing an inadequate system of roads, communication, and public work projects.

There is no money left over for these kids! To date there has been no concentrated effort on a national level to really address this problem. Yes, some social agencies try, by closing corrupt groups, but nothing is done to pick up the slack and help the kids! 90% of these kids are boys! The female 10% are quite quickly put into houses of prostitution in Northern India or Nepal! Many were housed with relatives who can no longer keep them. These kids are then given to homes and orphanages that promise to provide food, shelter and clothing. In many instances these organizations struggle as hard as the children's relatives to provide adequate care.

Providing necessary funds for food, shelter, clothing and educational funds is a daunting task. Securing funds is naturally a prerequisite to achieve our objective.
Posted: August 19, 2011
Registered as a non-profit organization in Nepal, we hope to raise monies donated to our project by individuals, corporations, and international service groups.
Posted: August 16, 2011