Butterfly Home is a non-profit organization located in Kathmandu, Nepal. This organization has a two-fold purpose to fulfill.

First and foremost is the housing and education for a small group of disabled and handicapped children who have suffered as a result of Nepal's Civil War. It is our purpose to see these children are educated and become healthy, active and vibrant members of a new and modern country.

Secondly, we hope to build a new orphanage and also a school for children from all over Nepal and elsewhere. These school children will live on site for the school term and be offered a world class education. The orphanage children will live on site year round. Nepal does not, at the present time, have such a school and it is our hope that if we are successful we can then begin an outreach program across the country to benefit more and more children.

To achieve our goals we are looking for donations via our website www.butterflyhome.org

Donations of time and talent, along with money will be gratefully received by our volunteer staff. Donations will be channeled through Himalayan Dreams, a travel agency in Kathmandu, which is spear- heading this drive to help the orphans and build the new residential school.

Providing necessary funds for food, shelter, clothing and educational funds is a daunting task. Securing funds is naturally a prerequisite to achieve our objective.
Posted: August 19, 2011
Registered as a non-profit organization in Nepal, we hope to raise monies donated to our project by individuals, corporations, and international service groups.
Posted: August 16, 2011