In these hard economic times it is difficult to imagine that global problems are the same all over the world. It would be a wonderful thing if all children around the world had safe places to stay, warm meals to eat and a bright future ahead of them.Our small group of 9 just happens to be in Nepal. This small country, torn apart by a ten year Civil War in the late 1990's, is often overlooked in its needs for these kids, but their needs are just as valid as those of the millions around the world who suffer the plight of being an orphan, of being abandoned, or being abused. You can help. Won't you look at our 9 abused and disabled children and help us to make their lives better.

You may sponsor a child with a monthly donation of your choosing. You may make a donation to the whole group and specify how it should be used:food, clothing, education. And spread the word to others who might enjoy the rewards of being a part of these young people's lives. And lastly, volunteer to spend time with these kids and help us toward our goal of building a new facility to help more kids! Your contribution will go a long way in helping. Butterfly Home is a small step toward getting these children off the streets, educated, housed, fed, given proper medical care and an environment to grow and be nurtured toward becoming productive citizens of Nepal. The issue of these kids gets very low priority from the governmental, public and private sector, including the print media. Although there have been recent articles and media coverage of those children sold or abandoned on the streets.

Providing necessary funds for food, shelter, clothing and educational funds is a daunting task. Securing funds is naturally a prerequisite to achieve our objective.
Posted: August 19, 2011
Registered as a non-profit organization in Nepal, we hope to raise monies donated to our project by individuals, corporations, and international service groups.
Posted: August 16, 2011